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Embrace your adventurous creative spirit with designs that place no limits around your originality. Libbey’s selection of SCHÖNWALD dinnerware is thoughtfully designed to the highest standards for unparalleled expression and exceptional durability. Their premium, exquisite forms never restrict, rather they constantly inspire – for refined yet refreshing aesthetics that set the food and your culinary passion as the star.

Produced in Germany in one of the world’s most advanced facilities, SCHÖNWALD dinnerware is made for the intensity of foodservice use. Fired at over 2500°F, its extremely hard glaze ensures exceptional scratch resistance and durability. It’s no wonder restaurateurs and hoteliers in more than 100 countries have found SCHÖNWALD synonymous with the highest quality.

View our Schonwald assortment:


Perfectly suited for countless artistic expressions, from upscale casual to smart brasserie to gastropub. Versatile elements inspire a multitude of imaginative combinations. Even the wide-mouthed cups allow the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or tea to unfold invitingly

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An artful arrangement of ribbons on steep rims adds signature appeal that one can see and feel. Generous proportions leave plenty of space for culinary expression, while a range of sizes and new glass options allow presentation flexibility.

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A charming aesthetic accentuated with gently curving embossed arches. These open out like fans on every piece, for an elegance as pleasing to the eye as the food is to the palate.

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This highly versatile line spurs the imagination. Artistic convex and concave shapes, and a blend of round and square elements, can be artfully combined into beautifully layered presentations.

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A smooth flow from striking lines to fading ones blurs the borders between coupe and rim plates, inviting new culinary interpretations.

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It’s hard to describe what Shiro is, because it’s just about anything you need it to be. Its relaxed Nordic understatement is both refined and friendly – embodying the versatility chefs love about white dinnerware in a fresh, modern aesthetic. Its sturdy edges, deep coupes and distinctive contours are ideal for modern, intentionally casual food formats in any setting.

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A hand-crafted look makes each piece feel fresh off the potter’s wheel, as vibrant shades meet natural colors for an authentic, natural aesthetic

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Reflecting the wonderful diversity of nature, an eclectic irregularity stirs the creative spirit. Gentle curves, soft slants and asymmetrical openings capture an organic feel, while durable Duracream® porcelain offers extremely high scratch and chip resistance.

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