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From vineyards to small breweries, today’s artisans of fine beverages appreciate the value of cultivating quality in every element from the ground up. Much like with fine cuisine, it always starts with great ingredients.  

Spiegelau glassware is meticulously engineered with an appreciation for the nuances of these carefully crafted beverages. From their astonishingly durable lead-free crystal composition to their refined final form, each glass is perfected to delight patrons through precise delivery of every flavor and delicate aroma. Enhancing experiences of true warmth and hospitality and celebrating the art of great beverages.

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For true wine enthusiasts who want to experience every nuance. The large, fine-blown bowls and rims aerate and transfer every subtlety of the wine’s aroma and bouquet. Clarity reveals wine’s true color for a real, one-of-a-kind experience.

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Extremely durable and breakage resistant, perfect for banquets and catering. Staff can serve without fear of breakage and guests can celebrate without sacrificing luxury.

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Intentionally designed to envelop the senses, the wide, airy bowl allows the wine’s flavors to blossom while the ultra-thin construction allows guests to taste the wine, not the glass.

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Functional and durable, these familiar, approachable shapes blend seamlessly into any table setting or bar arrangement.

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A modern shape emanates aesthetics and confidence – a classy look with broad appeal for every occasion. Plump bowls promise the perfect aeration and then taper to deliver the bouquet.

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Developed more than 30 years ago in cooperation with Johann Willsberger and considered a standard of excellence in the gastronomic community. The signature bell shape is instantly recognizable and highly regarded for offering the ultimate presentation and taste.

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Classic Bar

A workhorse behind the bar, this collection features solid glass bases, strong sides and beveled-edged rims that warmly greet the lips.

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Bestow a Cuban flair to every room. Thick bottoms handle muddling with ease. Flared tops diffuse the scent of fresh herbs. Shorter glasses warm in patrons’ hands, subtly changing the complexities, while tall glasses can keep Cuba Libres ice-cold and carbonated.

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Beer Classics

Leverage the popularity of craft beers and generate bigger tabs with this brilliantly clear, functional glassware – specifically designed to enhance the appearance, aroma and flavor of fine beer.

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