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Top foodservice and hospitality operational innovations of 2020

It’s a 2020 twist on a best-of list: We’re rounding up the top operational innovations that have changed the foodservice and hospitality industries for the better this year, and could become permanent fixtures in bars, restaurants and hotels. 


Inspired Ingenuity: Rob Connoley

At the beginning of 2020, restaurant owner and chef Rob Connoley was celebrating the strong launch of his St. Louis restaurant, Bulrush STL. Then, the pandemic happened. Read how Connoley and his staff – along with enthusiastic guests – embraced a new way of doing business this summer. 


Doing More With Less

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to reducing costs, but sizing down your menu – and making the most of a small space with creative storage – can simplify operations for you and your staff during these challenging times. 


Go 'Nolo' This Fall

New non-alcoholic products are hitting the market in droves while bars and restaurants offer their own booze-free beverages. But these “nolo” cocktails have changed since you were last sipping a Shirley Temple. What’s behind the trend – and why should you get on board?


Care and Handling 101

Breakage is an inevitable part of running a bar or restaurant, but there are ways to extend the service life of your glassware, dinnerware and flatware. What causes breakage and how can you prevent it? Check out these helpful tips to maintain appearance and resist damage 


Control Portions, Control Profit

If yoaren’t paying attention to portion sizes, you could quite literally be pouring money down the drain. But there are some easy ways to ensure accurate food and drink measurements – and protect your profits, too. 


Protect Your Investment

What makes Libbey glassware stand out from the pack? Learn about the unique treatments and guarantees we offer to extend the life of your glassware, prevent breakage and improve the drinking experience.