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Issue 02 - What's Old x Made New

Kiki Louya and Rohani Foulkes are co-founders and co-owners of FOLK, an artisanal café in Detroit that specializes in seasonal, made- from-scratch comfort foods and healthful beverages – or as they call it, “farm-to-comfort.” They often bring new perspectives to timeless meals, fueled by a belief that food should nourish both body and soul.

They are also co-owners of The Farmer’s Hand, a locally-focused grocery and café that works with more than 100 small-to-mid-sized food businesses to provide a single destination for an array of fresh foods and specialty products.

Yani Moraitis Frye is co-owner of Bad Luck Bar, considered Detroit’s most exclusive cocktail lounge. His passion is for combining hospitality, charisma and personalized premium cocktail experiences that evoke all the senses. His mastery helped him win U.S. Champion of the 2013 Angostura Global Cocktail Competition.


… seeing it, smelling it. All the senses reinforce someone’s memory of the cocktail. We try to touch on all those points in some way to make a lasting impression.”

From Gen Z to Boomers, guests of all ages are expressing tastes at the crossroads of past and future. An eagerness to embrace innovative experiences, paired with a yearning for enriching heritage, wholesome fresh ingredients and artful style.

Whether through nourishing meals that harken nostalgia or retro styles that revive a cool, crafted vibe, serving guests a blend of comfort and intrigue helps keep them coming back for more.

Libbey® Carats double old fashioned glass featuring Bad Luck Bar’s “Downward Facing Man,” a distinctive creation made of a six-rum house blend, cold brew coffee and Zucca Rabarbaro liqueur.


Retro drink styles are again in vogue, spurred along by younger generations and accompanied by heightened expectations for a premium cocktail experience. This blossoming cocktail culture has trained guests to want better drinks and an artful performance during their preparation – and they’re willing to pay more for both.

New glassware from Libbey® is ideal for embracing these elevated drink trends – creating presentations with high style that command premium price points.






Stirring glass features unique pedestal base for heightened preparation and presentation flair.

Linear prism cut creates retro vibe, accented with geometric circular cuts along the bottom (see back cover).

3 SKUs include
12 oz. double old fashioned;
16 oz. cooler;
25 1/4 oz. stirring glass


“The vessel is almost everything. It’s holding the liquid, the garnishes. It’s what you’re touching, putting your mouth on. It plays a very integral role
in the theatrics of a cocktail.”

Yani Moraitis Frye, Co-Owner,

Bad Luck Bar, Detroit


Chosen as Libbey’s 2018 Europe Glassology award winner, this unique design harkens back to earlier times.

A blend of Art Deco glam and modern style evoke the electrifying feel of the Roaring Twenties in New York.

2 distinctive SKUs available in July – ideal for a range of different drink types 9 3/4 oz. rocks; 11 3/4 oz. hi-ball


With today’s increasingly casual and outdoor dining environments, it might seem like a challenge to maintain the same caliber drink experience everywhere. It doesn’t have to be.

Libbey® drinkware, serveware and dinnerware made from durable materials, such as our Infinium® premium plastic tableware, let you bring an upscale, trendy vibe just about anywhere. Find new profitable opportunities in every corner of your property.

As serving boards again burst onto the culinary scene, they’re being reinvented – from heritage meats to bold flavors and plant-based options (fig “salami,” anyone?). These specialty options are helping captivate guests and boost sales. New sleek and stylish Melamine Serving Peels are great for serving these trend-forward shareables (also great for entrees and buffets).

Authentic-looking faux wood, marble and slate styles create the earthy feel of natural materials – for a warm, contemporary look that elevates presentations and price points.

5 SKUs, including one round-handled, three rectangular-handled and one white rectangular platter.


Whether from the day’s news
or everyday life, guests are increasingly seeking respite from life’s stresses. Capitalize on these comfort cravings with nostalgic meals that bring warm memories, but with a modern twist and wholesome, honest ingredients that fit today’s sophisticated tastes.

The World® Englewood pattern is designed with Nordic-inspired minimalism that is sleek yet welcoming, ideal for anything from a modern take on authentic farm- to-table presentations to cozy, “Hygge” inspired presentations that exude comfort and relaxation. Three on-trend colors feature light, earthy and muted shades.


“People can say a lot of things like the food was good and it’s such a pretty space, but when they say something like, ‘I left feeling better than I came in,’ we know we’ve gone above and beyond.”

Kiki Louya, co-founder and co-owner,

FOLK, Detroit

Libbey® Glassware 6 oz. cappuccino cups featuring lattes made with turmeric- and rose- infused milks – great for a quick, refreshing pick-me-up.


While guests are always looking for a moment to pause and decompress, hectic lives mean they don’t always have time for a complete sit-down meal. Adopting a “flex-casual” approach, which provides full service at night but counter service by day, offers a new way to savor simple pleasures, while expanding your time frame for profit potential.

Versatile sizes and new durable melamine options are great for creating accommodating new choices for your guests all day.


Some things never go out of style.

Wholesome, honest ingredients.

A passion for the craft.

Enriching experiences.

The hustle to succeed.

Libbey® knows how much grit, gusto and ingenuity it takes to transform a vision into success – to set yourself apart and achieve

Big Profits. Rave Reviews. Full Houses.

Like you, we never stop striving to serve the experience to its fullest – supporting you with forward-looking solutions that seize the opportunities of today and tomorrow.