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Issue 03 - Keep it Clean x Make it Tasty

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Scott Bowman is owner and chef at Fowl & Fodder in Libbey’s hometown, Toledo, Ohio, which focuses on serving healthy, gourmet fare at an approachable price point. He is passionate about improving the food his community eats, transforming quality organic and local ingredients into a scratch-made menu and a unique fast-casual dining experience.

Gerti Begaj and Kyle Schutte are managing partner and executive chef, respectively, of BESA in Detroit, serving progressive American cuisine in the city’s historic Vinton Building. The leadership share a vision of serving exceptional hospitality, as represented by the name – a word from the owners’ Albanian descent that means “our guests before ourselves.” This philosophy is represented in Besa’s inventive, sophisticated-yet-fun menu, unrivaled service, and commitment to humane and quality ingredients.


An aesthetically and tactilely intriguing faceted surface gives Syracuse® Status dinnerware a modern sophisticated vibe, ideal for showcasing authentic food and quality ingredients with a high-end look.

The new definition of “health food” is real food – quality, unprocessed, ethically sourced ingredients that still taste amazing. And today, guests are more attuned than ever to what their diet puts in their bodies – plus how those choices affect much more than themselves.

Operators who share and support their guests’ will be rewarded with repeat business and raving customers.

Guests crave wholesome ingredients that are better for them and the environment while being amazingly flavorful and fresh. Let your thoughtfully sourced ingredients stand out on welcoming white dinnerware. New Zipline and Status additions introduce bold, contemporary options.

Both of these new additions are part of Libbey’s already diverse range of Syracuse® dinnerware in premium Royal RideauTM body color – roughly 200 SKUs featuring this inviting shade that is bright without being stark.



Distinctive, tactile faceted surface introduces a bold, sophisticated look to white dinnerware.

Wide assortment of modern and traditional shapes provide a rich variety of presentation options.

18 SKUs in diverse shapes, including standard and deep coupes, and a range of square, rectangular and circular shapes.

“It’s important to me that the plate be a canvas. I want the guest to see it and say, ‘This person has intention, this was plated with intention. It must be cooked with intention. It must be sourced with intention.”

Kyle Schutte, Executive Chef

BESA, Detroit

Your clean eating deserves equally clean dinnerware. Serving your healthier ingredients on Libbey® dinnerware with exclusive Microban® technology supports a 99.9% cleaner surface. This powerful protective technology is featured on versatile ConstellationTM dinnerware.

Constellation’s vast offering of more than 100 SKUs spans three distinctive designs and Universal Accessories that all work together seamlessly, providing the flexibility to serve up new fresh and trend-forward experiences.

“We love bright whites because they give everything on the plate a pop of color. A nice clean plate can showcase and highlight the dish on it.”

Scott Bowman, Chef and Owner

Fowl and Fodder, Toledo



Guests’ growing desires for refined yet relaxed dining experiences                                                                   

continues to encourage more polished casual environments.

With this shift comes a bigger, bolder opportunity for the coupe, in all 

its forms. Coupe plate’s minimalist aesthetic delivers a blank canvas

that naturally draws the eye to the food, making sure the entrée –

and its rich, wholesome ingredients – are the star.



Libbey’s range of coupe plates are ideal for artfully presented and sauced

entrees, soups, pastas, sharing plates and more. Serve your ingredients in any form you desire.


Our range of patterns provides a full spectrum of aesthetics to suit your venue’s unique vibe,

putting your creations on a stage you can call your own.



More guests are choosing healthier teas over soda, helping make teas the highest margin beverage in a restaurant outside of alcohol. But the story – and profit opportunity – doesn’t end there. Answer guests’ desire for a better, tastier option in other ways, such as organic smoothies or activated charcoal lemonade.


You can even elevate your water service by infusing a lively variety of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. Libbey’s extensive beverageware selection helps you give new invigorating form to life’s most essential drink, with premium, eye-catching presentations that definitely warrant a water service price above free.



Slender design and sweeping curves add a unique modern aesthetic.     

Ideal for versatile use as a carafe for serving infused waters, iced teas and more.  

Taking a cue from culinary trends, today’s non-alcoholic and low-ABV options are showcasing freshness, clever flavor combinations and originality – proving they can still be exceptionally complex and intriguing. Guests are even enjoying low-alcohol seltzers, another healthier, lower calorie choice that still has some kick.

Without high-proof spirits dominating the drink, there’s more room to experiment and build nuanced flavor profiles. Consider incorporating house- made syrups and tonics, fermented ingredients and non-alcoholic spirits.

Libbey’s expansive selection of tumblers are an ideal way to showcase these healthy, colorful beverage alternatives.

MATCH ANY VIBE – A range of designs, profiles and even distinctive textures on the bottom make a statement from drink prep to the last sip.

SERVE ANYTHING – No matter the drink or portion, you’ll find the right shapes and sizes to accommodate them.

ENJOY ANYWHERE – Versatile glass and go-anywhere materials allow you to serve the best experience to every seat, inside and outside.