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Kentucky Bourbon Trail glass brings out the best in bourbons

Published: August 2021

When you’re looking for bourbon, you go to Kentucky. When you’re looking for glass, you go to Libbey.  

And when you’re looking for the best bourbon drinking experience out there, you pick up a Kentucky Bourbon Trail Glass, created through a collaboration between Libbey glassware designers and Kentucky’s master distillers. 

Named the official glass of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail – which has welcomed millions of visitors to experience bourbon history and heritage at over 35 distilleries across the Bluegrass State – this finely crafted taster was engineered to bring out the best in bourbon, “America’s Official Native Spirit.”  

Higher-end bourbons are meant to be savored. That means serving them in the correct style of glass, which allows the drinker to examine the appearance, swirl and “open up” the bourbon, breathe in aromas and experience its rich finishing flavors. 

With a thick sham that fits comfortably in the hand, a wide bowl that increases alcohol evaporation, and a narrow neck and flared rim to draw up aromas, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Glass does just that.  

Crafted with state-of-the-art ClearFire glass composition for superior brilliance and strength, slim-yet-resilient side walls, and an ultrathin, beadless rim, this stackable glass is among Libbey’s best, made to be enjoyed by novices and bourbon experts alike. A coordinating wood flight board is also available for standout tasting presentations. 

Having quality tasting glasses on hand is a must for any bar or restaurant that takes its bourbon seriously. After all, bourbon is big business. Spurred in part by younger drinkers craving authenticity in their alcohol, the industry is experiencing record growth, a trend experts anticipate will continue for the next five years.  

While there’s truly no wrong way to enjoy this all-American spirit, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail glass is always the right choice to fully appreciate every last drop. 

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