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Protect Your Investment

Published: November 2020

Protect Your Investment 

Think a glass is a glass? Think again. Not all glassware is made the same, especially when it comes to product performance. 

While you can easily see the beauty and clarity of a Libbey glass with your bare eye, what you can’t see are the many unique treatments and manufacturing processes that imbue your glass with strength and safety – as well as drinking enjoyment.  

We don’t just make glassware that looks nice on your tabletop, we make glassware that works harder for you, protecting your investment from time- and money-wasting breakage. And with many of Libbey’s guarantees, we’ll replace or refund the cost of the glass when a rim or foot chips on qualifying glassware products. 

Read on to learn more about Libbey’s special processes and guarantees – and how our attention to detail results in glassware you can depend on for long-lasting durability. 

Heat Treated 

Heat Treated glass uses a special heating and rapid cooling process that strengthens the upper part of the glass, increasing its resistance to thermal shock – sudden changes in temperature – and mechanical shock, like rim-to-rim contact. 


This process results in less breakage and longer life for glassware (meaning lower operating costs for you). Heat Treated glassware also breaks into larger chunks that are easier to locate and clean-up than tiny shards, decreasing liability issues.  


DuraTuff® is another special thermal after-process for “pressed” tumblers and stemware that strengthens the area most vulnerable to glass: its upper portion. During the DuraTuff® process, the upper third of the glass is heated, then cooled in a controlled manner for increased resistance to shock and added durability. 


Like Heat Treat glass, glass treated with the DuraTuff® process breaks into large, easy-to-find chunks. In contrast, tempered glass can break violently into small pieces that fly across the room, making cleanup more difficult and increasing liability.  

Finedge® Rim 

Through precision manufacturing, glasses with the Finedge® rim feature a minimal bead that is both beautiful and resistant to chipping. This type of glassware has the best of both worlds – an elegant look and the strength you expect from Libbey. 

Sheer Rim/D.T.E.  

Looking for elegance and affordability? Upgrade to glassware with Sheer Rim and Dura Temp Edge, also known as D.T.E. These tumblers and stemware feature a beadless edge that is cracked off and polished for a fine yet durable finish that prolongs service life. Sheer Rim/D.T.E. tumblers and stemware are guaranteed against chippage of the rim.  

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