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APS Germany Asia Plus GN Tray

Item # APS 15452

Color: WHite
Size: 10.5 in.
This product is not eligible for sample requests. Please contact your Libbey representative.
    • With Plus system compatibility, nearly all Asia Plus products feature interconnecting rings that allow them to be reliably combined with each other. For example, all bowls and baskets can be used as risers to a wide range of other Plus system products.
    • Superior APS® Germany melamine quality combines high durability and aesthetics
    • GN Platform industry-standard sizes provide extensive versatility with other APS products and your existing collections
    • APS® Germany, one of Europe’s best-selling buffet and serveware lines, is beautiful at first glance, but a closer look reveals it’s also brilliantly engineered to make your and your team’s jobs easier – delivering more versatile, inventive functionality than you’ll find in any other selection
    • Compatible with any 1/4 gastronorm (GN) size
    • Many APS Germany products come in standard GN (gastronorm) sizes, which are of comparable dimensions and usually interchangeable with U.S. food/table pan sizes of the corresponding fraction. This lets you use them with your existing collections. For example, a 1/4 GN roughly corresponds to a 1/4 U.S. food pan. This product fits any 1/4 GN size product offered by APS.
    1.25 in.
    6.5 in.
    10.5 in.
    APS Germany
    Asia Plus
    Serveware & Buffet
    Platters & Trays
    Dishwasher Safe, Stackable
    Case Pack:
    6 Pieces

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